Titolo originale: 6teen

Casa: Fresh TV / Nelvana

Anno: 2004

Episodi: 93

Canali: RaiSat Smash Girls / Rai Gulp / Frisbee


Genere: Commedia

Sottogenere: Umani e affini

Sezione: Adolescenti


All'interno di un centro commerciale canadese, sei ragazzi sedicenni - Caitlin Cooke, Jen Masterson, Jonesy Garcia, Jude Lizowski, Nikki Wong e Wyatt Williams - svolgono i loro primi impieghi part-time; essi tentano di coniugare nel miglior modo possibile le rispettive occupazioni con la loro vita privata e, in particolare, con i tipici problemi adolescenziali.


Titoli episodi

1a serie)

  1.Take This Job and Squeeze It
  2.The Big Sickie
  3.The Slow and The Even-Tempered
  4.A Lime to Party
  5.Deck the Mall
  6.The Sushi Connection
  7.The Five Finger Discount
  8.Breaking Up with the Boss' Son
  9.Employee of the Month
10.Idol Time at the Mall
11.The Fake Date
12.Mr. Nice Guy
13.The Girls in the Band
15.Stupid Over Cupid
16.The Khaki Girl
17.The (Almost) Graduate
18.Bring It On
19.The Swami
20.Cecil B. Delusioned
21.The Birthday Boy
22.Enter the Dragon
23.One Quiet Day
24.It's Always Courtney, Courtney, Courtney!
25.The One with the Text Message
26.Boo, Dude!
27.Dude of the Living Dead [EPISODIO SPECIALE DI UN'ORA]

2a serie)

28.Going Underground
29.Deadbeat Poets Society
30.Career Day
31.Fish and Make Up
32.Awake the Wyatt Within
33.Unhappy Anniversary
34.Pillow Talk
35.In a Retail Wonderland
36.Midnight Madness
37.Welcome to the Darth Side
38.The New Guy
39.Major Unfaithfulness
40.Waiting to Ex-Sale
41.Losing Your Lemon
42.The Hunted
43.Lights Out
44.A Ding from Down Under
45.The Wedding Destroyers
46.The Lords of Malltown
47.Jonesy's Low Mojo
48.Smarten Up
49.Dirty Work
50.Over Exposed
51.A Crime of Fashion
52.Spring Fling
53.Girlie Boys

3a serie)

55.Sweet 6teen
56.Baby, You Stink
57.Selling Out To The Burger Man
58.The Journal
59.Silent Butt Deadly
60.The New Jonesy
64.Another Day at the Office
65.Oops, I Dialed It Again
66.How the Rent-A-Cop Stole Christmas
67.Insert Name Here
68.All Pets Are Off
69.J Is For Genius
70.Bicker Me Not
71.Love At Worst Sight
72.The One with the Cold Sore
73.Double Date
74.Fashion Victims
75.Whoa, Baby!
77.Opposites Attack
78.Mr. and Mr. Perfect
79.Date and Switch
80.Life Slaver

4a serie)

81.Labour Day Part 1
82.Labour Day Part 2
83.6 Teens and a Baby
84.Blast from the Past
85.Quit It!
86.Kylie Smylie
87.The List
88.Great Expectations
89.Out of this World
90.On Your Mark, Get Set... Date
91.Role Reversal
92.Bye Bye Nikki? Part 1
93.Bye Bye Nikki? Part 2