Titolo originale: The Angry Beavers

Casa: Nickelodeon

Anno: 1997

Episodi: 126



Genere: Commedia

Sottogenere: Animali specifici

Sezione: Altri animali


Norbert e Daggett sono due fratelli castori che devono lasciare casa quando la loro mamma ha un nuovo castorino. Trovato un nuovo rifugio, Norb e Dag ora possono fare ciò che vogliono, ma la loro nuova vita non sarà tutta rose e fiori.


Titoli episodi (2 episodi per ogni puntata)

1a serie)

  1.A Dam Too Far / Long in the Teeth
  2.Born to Be Beavers / Up All Night
  3.Gift Hoarse / Go Beavers
  4.Boxtop Beavers / Salmon Sez
  5.Beach Beavers A-Go-Go / Deranged Ranger
  6.Muscular Beaver / Fish and Dips
  7.Enter the Daggett / Bugaboo
  8.I Dare You / Mission to the Big Hot Thingy
  9.House Broken / Stinky Toe
10.H-2 Whoa / Fancy Prance
11.You Promised / Bing That Wouldn’t
12.Bummer of Love / Food of the Clods
13.Trees Company / Guess Who’s Stumping to Dinner

2a serie)

14.Same Time Last Week / Beaver Fever
15.Kandid Kreatures / Fakin’ It
16.Muscular Beaver II / Stump Looks for His Roots
17.Tree of Hearts / Dag for Night
18.Un-Barry-ble / Another One Bites the Musk
19.The Mighty Knothead / Pond Scum
20.Friends, Romans, Beavers! / Big Round Sticky Fish Thingy
21.Lumberjack’s Delight / Zooing Time
22.Utter Nonsense / Endangered Species
23.The Day the Earth Got Really Screwed Up
24.Open Wide for Zombies / Dumbwaiters
25.Sans-A-Pelt / Gotta Getcha
26.If You Insisters / Alley Oops!

3a serie)

27.My BunnyGuard / What’s Eating You?
28.Omega Beaver / Bite This!
29.Spooky Spoots / Up All Night II: Up All Day
30.Muscular Beaver III / Sang ’Em High
31.In Search of Big Byoo-Tox / Moron-a-Thon Man
32.Legend of Kid Friendly / Silent But Deadly
33.Tough Love / A Little Dad’ll Do Ya
34.Pass It On / Stump’s Family Reunion
35.Muscular Beaver IV / Act Your Age
36.Too Loose Latrine / Pack Your Dags
37.Daggy’s Dearest / Dag’s List
38.Mis-Taken Identity / East Peasy Rider
39.Stare and Stare Alike / I’m Not an Animal, I’m Scientist No. 1
40.Norberto y Daggetto en El Grapadura y el Castor Malo / The Loogie Hawk
41.Kreature Komforts / Oh, Brother?
42.Das Spoot / Sqotters
43.Long Tall Daggy / Practical Jerks
44.Nice & Lonely / Soccer? I Hardly Knew Him!
45.Brothers... to the End? / Euro Beavers
46.Slap Happy / Home Loners
47.Ugly Roomers / Fingers Lickin’ Goofs
48.Strange Allure / Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow

4a serie)

49.Chocolate Up to Experience / Three Dag Nite
50.Fat Chance / Dag in the Mirror
51.Canucks Amuck / Yak in the Sack
52.Big Fun / Driving Misses Daggett
53.Moby Dopes / Present Tense
54.It’s a Spootiful Life / The Mom from U.N.C.L.E.
55.House Sisters / Muscular Beaver 5
56.Van-tastic Voyage / Blacktop Beavers
57.Specs Appeal / Things That Go Hook in the Night
58.Damnesia / The Posei-Dam Adventure
59.The Big Frog / Dag Con Carny
60.All in the Colony / Line Duncing [NON TRASMESSI IN ITALIA]
61.Beavemaster / Deck Poops [NON TRASMESSI IN ITALIA]
62.Dagski and Norb / Shell or High Water [NON TRASMESSI IN ITALIA]
63.A Tail Of Two Rangers / Bye Bye, Beavers [PROGRAMMATI, MA NON REALIZZATI]