Titolo originale: Atomic Betty

Casa: Breakthrough Films & Television / Atomic Cartoons / Tele Images Kids

Anno: 2004

Episodi: 156

Canali: Cartoon Network [SOLO 1A SERIE] / RaiSat Smash Girls / Rai Gulp


Genere: Supereroi

Sottogenere: Singoli e aiutanti

Sezione: Altri eroi


Betty Barrett è una comune dodicenne canadese che, all'improvviso, diventa una sorta di guardiano dell'universo, assumendo il nome di Atomic Betty: ella deve quindi, su segnalazione dell'ammiraglio De Gill, combattere vari nemici - tra cui il diabolico Maximus IQ - per mantenere o ristabilire la pace nello spazio.


Titoli episodi (alcune puntante comprendono 2 episodi)

1a serie)

001.Furball for the Sneeze
002.Attack of the Evil Baby
003.The Doppelganger
004.Toxic Talent
005.But the Cat Came Back
006.Lost in Spa
007.Spindly Tam Kanushu
008.Science Fair
009.Space Brains
010.Atomic Roger
011.Maximus Displeasure
012.Cosmic Cake
013.Bye-Bye X-5
014.The Substitute
015.The Good, The Bad, and the Sparky
016.Self Sabotage
017.When Worlds Collide
018.The Ghost Ship of Aberdeffia
019.Poached Egg
020.Battle of the Bots
021.The Really Big Game
022.And the Winner is...
023.The Great Race
024.Martian Makeover
025.Betty's Secret Admirer
026.Slime of the Century
027.Winter Carnival
028.Crass Menagerie
029.Solar System Surfin'
030.Power of the Pharaoh
031.The Trouble with Triplets
032.Spider Betty
033.Power Arrangers
034.Dream Come True
035.Betty vs. the Giant Killer Ants
036.Best (Mis) Laid Plans
037.No Business Like Snow Business
038.Infantor Rules
039.Galactic Pirates of the Corralean
040.The Revenge of Masticula
041.The Incredible Shrinking Betty
042.Friends for Eternity
043.Wizard of Orb
045.Like Father, Like Scum
046.Planet Stinxx
047.Big Top Betty
048.Dr. Cerebral and the Stupifactor Ray
049.Jingle Brawls
050.Toy Historyia
051.Franken Brain
052.Evil Idol

2a serie)

053.Bracelet Yourself (Part 1)
054.Bracelet Yourself (Part 2)
055.The New Neighbour / Pre-Teen Queen of Outer Space
056.Auntie Matter / Oy, Robot
057.Werewolves on Zeebot / Return of the Pharaoh
058.Pop Goes the Maxx / Sleeping Like a Baby
059.Ferried Treasure / The X-Rays
060.By Virtuoso of Insanity / SWITCH-MO-tized
061.Captain Sparky / Earth to Roger
062.Hi-Jinxed / Robo-Betty
063.Take Two Evils and Call Me in the Morning / The Scribe
064.Mad Maximus / The Cheerleaders of Doom
065.Reeking Havoc / Practically Joking
066.The Great Sub-TRAIN-ean Robbery / The Minion
067.Eternal Elixir / Bee Movie
068.Evil Juniors / As the Worm Turns
069.Extreme Makeover / Once Bitten, Twice Slimed
070.The Collector / Night of the DeGilla Monster
071.Big Bad Plant From Outer Space / Nuclea Infected
072.The Brat Pack Attack / A Fungus Amongus
073.The Gazundheit Factor / Good Kitty
074.Strange Case of Minimus-Hyde / The Market
075.Galactic Guardians No More! / Scribe 2: The Re-Scribing
076.No-Hit Wonders / License DeGill
077.Case of the Missing Kanushu / Devolution City
078.Amulet of Shangri-La-De-Da / Best Dressed Villain
079.Takes One to Know One (Part 1)
080.Takes One to Know One (Part 2)

3a serie) [Missione: Terra]

081.No Space Like Home (Part 1)
082.No Space Like Home (Part 2)
083.Family Feuds / Girl Power
084.Arr! It be 'olidays! / Rodeo Robots
085.Who's the Baby Now? / Spliced
086.April Fools Overture / Crimes of Fashion
087.The Big Dig / Wedding Crashers
088.Night of the Living Mummies / Trick or Creep
089.Roger, Where Are You? / Betty the Red
090.Mini-Maximus / Circus Sparkimus
091.Shake Your Booga / Cosmic Comicon
092.A Hard Day's Fight / If the Shoe Fits
093.It Came from Hollywood / Lulu on the Loose
094.Betty and the Beast / Mirror of Morganna
095.Love Bites / Zulia's New Beau
096.Beach Blanket Betty / Ice Queen
097.Bold Age / Cat Fight
098.The Doomsday Game / Degill and Son
099.Vaudevillains / The Manchurian Guardian
100.Elementary, My Dear Minimus / Great Eggspectations
101.Scent of a Blugo / Star-Crossed Lovers
102.Boot Camp Betty / A Finful of Dollars
103.Invading Spaces / Make a Wish
104.Fairytale Fate / Ice Monsters
105.The Way of the Weiner / Pimplepalooza
106.Noah's Bark / Queen for a Day
107.The Future Is Now! (Part 1)
108.The Future Is Now! (Part 2)