Titolo originale: Bear in the Big Blue House

Shadow Projects / Jim Henson Television

Anno: 1997

Episodi: 117 + 1 episodio speciale

Canali: Rai 3 / Disney Channel / Playhouse Disney / Rai YoYo


Genere: Contenitori

Sottogenere: Show animati

Sezione: Pupazzi


L'orso Bear vive in una grande casa blu immersa nella foresta assieme al piccolo topo Tutter, alla simpatica orsacchiotta Ojo (soprannominata Gia), al curioso lemure Treelo, alle lontre Pip e Pop e ad altri personaggi.
Essi, oltre a intrattenere il pubblico di età prescolare a cui è rivolta la serie, insegnano anche a conoscere gli oggetti di comune uso domestico ed, in generale, il mondo che ci circonda, accompagnando il tutto con dei quiz di carattere didattico.
Al termine di ogni puntata, calata la notte, Bear, dal balcone della casa, chiede dei consigli alla Luna parlante, assieme alla quale canta alla fine la canzone dell'arrivederci.



Titoli episodi

1a serie)

  1.Home Is Where the Bear Is
  2.Water, Water Everywhere
  3.Mouse Party
  4.Shape of a Bear
  5.Picture of Health
  6.Share, Bear
  7.Why Bears Can't Fly
  8.Falling for Fall
  9.What's in the Mail, Today?
10.Dancin' the Day Away
11.A Wagon of a Different Color
12.Dirt, I Love You So
13.Music to My Ears
14.All Connected
15.Summer Cooler
16.The Big Little Visitor
17.A Winter's Nap
18.Working Like a Bear
19.Magic in the Kitchen
20.Spring Fever
21.A Plant Grows in Bear's House
22.Eat, Drink Juice & Be Merry
23.Need a Little Help Today
24.Lost Thing
25.Listen Up!
26.Friends for Life

2a serie)

  1.Ooh Baby, Baby
  2.Raiders of the Lost Cheese
  3.The Big Sleep
  4.Clear as a Bell
  5.Good Times
  6.You Learn Something New Every Day
  7.Back to Nature
  8.The Ojolympics
  9.The Great Pretender
10.It's All in Your Head
11.Oops, My Mistake
12.Bear's Birthday Bash
13.Picture This
14.The Big Blue Housecall
15.Change Is in the Air
16.Look What I Made
17.If at First You Don't Succeed...
18.All Weather Bear
19.I Built That
20.Tutter's Tiny Trip
21.Dance Fever!
22.Afraid Not
23.I've Gotta Be Me
25.Love Is All You Need
26.It's a Mystery to Me
27.As Different as Day and Night
28.Grandparents Just Want to Have Fun
29.The Way I Feel Today
30.You Go, Ojo!
31.Scientific Bear
32.Boys Will Be Boys
33.I Was Just Thinking
34.Wish You Were Here
35.And to All a Good Night
36.Call It a Day
37.We Did It Our Way
38.What's the Story?
39.When You've Got to Go!

3a serie)

  1.Friends at Play
  2.Nothing to Fear
  3.Lost and Found
  4.The Senseless Detectives
  5.Halloween Bear
  6.You Never Know
  7.It's All About You
  8.Woodland House Wonderful
  9.I've Got Your Number
10.What's Mine Is Yours
11.Bear's Secret Cave
13.I For-Got Rhythm!?
14.Wait for Me
15.Morning Glory
16.That Healing Feeling
17.The Tutter Family Reunion
18.Bats are People Too
19.Words, Words, Words
20.Let's Get Interactive
21.The Yard Sale
22.The Best Thanksgiving Ever
23.Read My Book
24.Go to Sleep
25.A Berry Bear Christmas (1a parte)
26.A Berry Bear Christmas (2a parte)

- EPISODIO SPECIALE: Bear in the Big Blue House Live! Surprise Party

4a serie)

  1.Welcome to Woodland Valley (1a parte)
  2.Welcome to Woodland Valley (2a parte)
  3.Step by Step
  4.The First Day at Mouse School
  5.Rockin' Rocko
  6.When Harry Met Hallie
  7.Show and Tell
  8.Tutter Gathers Some Moss
  9.History, Herstory, Bearstory
10.At the Old Bear Game
11.The Amazing Skippy
12.Let's Hit the Road
13.Great Ball of Firefighters
14.Appreciation Day
15.Show Your Stuff
16.Grandma Flutter's 100th Birthday
17.The View from You
18.To Clean or Not to Clean
19.The Great Bandini
20.Volunteers of Woodland Valley
21.Big Blue Home of the Brave
22.A Trip to the General Store
23.Tutter's First Big Sleepover Bash
24.A Strange Bird
25.Let It Go
26.This Is Your Life, Bear