Titolo originale: Bozo: the World's Most Famous Clown

Larry Harmon Productions / Jayark Films Corporation

Anno: 1958

Episodi: 163

Canali: reti locali


Genere: Fantascienza

Sottogenere: Viaggi

Sezione: Viaggi spaziali


Serie di corti animati incentrata sulle avventure di Bozo, il clown più famoso del mondo, personaggio creato nel 1946 dalla Capital Records per degli audiolibri per bambini prendendo ispirazione dal popolare clown Frank Avruch.

Il clown Bozo, in compagnia dell’amico Butch, viaggia attraverso l’Altro Spazio portando il buonumore dovunque ce ne sia bisogno.

Nel 1962, l'interprete degli spettacoli dal vivo di questo personaggio, Willard Scott, ha creato - prendendo spunto dal protagonista di questa serie - Roland Mc Donald, mascotte dell'omonima catena di fast food.



 Titoli episodi    

        1.Stormy Knight Fright
        2.Three Cheers for the Rocketeers
        3.Bozo Meets the Greepy Gleep
        4.Back to Back with Ack Ack Flack
        5.Sailing the Sea with South Sea Sea McGee
        6.Doggone Dog
        7.Bye Bye Fly Guy
        8.Sea Serpent Seance
        9.Flying Carpet Capers
      10.Bozo's Bozo-Mow-Bile
      11.Six Gun Fun
      12.Eager Beaver Bozo
      13.Bozo the Lion Hearted
      14.Horse Fly in the Sky
      15.Bozo Meets the Missing Link
      16.A Slick Trick on Mopey Dick
      17.Dinky Toots His Own Horn
      18.The Space Ace Saves Face
      19.Bird Brain Bozo
      20.Bozo Meets King Glum of Gloom
      21.King Glum of Gloom
      22.A Glutton for Mutton
      23.Admiral Bozo Beats the Fleet
      24.All Mind Gold Mine
      25.Bad News Cruise
      26.Ball Park Lark
      27.Bean Stalk Bozo
      28.Bear Hunter Bozo
      29.Big Clown Shake-Down
      30.Big Dealer on a Stearn Wheeler
      31.Big Flop Train Hop
      32.Big Lab Confab
      33.Big Man in Tin Can
      34.Big Tree Spree
      35.Bozo and the Corny Sheep
      36.Bozo Meets Mister Monster
      37.Bozo the Moon Goon
      38.Bozo's Icy Escapade
      39.Broad Sword Discard
      40.Charley Horse of Another Cooler
      41.Charter Service Nervous
      42.Chicken Burglar Bungler
      43.Chills and Thrills with Boothill McGill
      44.Copter Cap Capers
      45.Creepy Teepee
      46.Dance of the Ants
      47.Deep Freeze Squeeze
      48.Fast Pace Sky Chase
      49.Film-Flam for Ali Kablam
      50.Flying Shoes Blues
      51.Four Flusher Gusher
      52.Freeloader Railroader
      53.Funny Face Ace
      54.Gag Bag Bozo
      55.Gate Crasher Smasher
      56.Go Go Go Bozo
      57.Go-Gho Ghosts
      58.Go-Go Pogo-Pogo
      59.Goldilocks Yocks
      60.Happy-Gas Gasser
      61.Hark Hard the Shark
      62.High Fly Rug Spy
      63.Hollywood Holdup
      64.Hop-Chest Quest
      65.Horse House
      66.Horse Thief Grief
      67.Hot Rod Bozo
      68.Hurricane Belinda
      69.Ill Will Chills
      70.Injun Fun
      71.Island Capers
      72.King Size Surprise
      73.Little Naggin' Dragon
      74.Manhunt Stunts
      75.Mill Pond Thrill Chill
      76.Million Dollar Mutt
      77.Mish Mash Lark
      78.Nightmare Scare
      79.Okey Dokey Hokey Pokey
      80.Oodles Ducks Dillie Ma
      81.Papoose on the Loose
      82.Pie in the Eye Guy
      83.Piggy Bank Prank
      84.Please Please Hercules
      85.Razzle Dazzle Castle Hassle
      86.Red Riding Hood Hoodwinks
      87.Rockey's Snack Attack
      88.Shanghai Shenanigans
      89.Show Biz Whiz
      90.Sidewalk Peddler's Meddler
      91.Sir Bozo and the Fire Breathing Dragon
      92.Ski Lodge Hodge Podge
      93.South of the Border Disorder
      94.Spy Guy Surprise
      95.Super Duper Trouble Shooter
      96.Teeny Weeny Meany
      97.Texas Stranger Danger
      98.The Big Cake Bake
      99.The Missing Sphinx of King Jinx
    100.Three Bear Scare
    101.Trouble Shooter
    102.Wild Hare Scene
    103.Square Shootin' Square
    104.Car Thief Grief
    105.Food Pest Jest
    106.Whipper Snapper Snipper
    107.Tip Top Bell Hop
    108.Fish Tanks Pranks
    109.Real Gone Leprechaun
    110.Lake Resort Sport
    111.Eagle's Nest Pest
    112.Rickety Rackety Rocketeer
    113.Bozo's First Prize Surprise
    114.Killer Diller Miller
    115.Ship Shape Ship Mates
    116.Bozo and the Space Pirates
    117.Creepy Crenshaw the Bungling Buglar
    118.Space Ace Elvis
    119.Yoo-Hoo Kangaroo
    120.Bully for Bozo
    121.Slippery Bly International Spy
    122.The Beast With the Least
    123.Big Deal on a Little Wheel
    124.Whammy Bammy Al Kazami
    125.Doubloon Goons
    126.The Tin Can Man
    127.Scooter Trouble Shooter
    128.Injun-eer Bozo
    129.Mishmash Magic
    130.Okey Dokey Smokey
    131.Coney Island Capers
    132.Ship Shape Ape
    133.Tough Luck Duck
    134.Missing Missile Fizzle
    136.Dragon Lagoon
    137.Broken Bones Jones
    138.Ape Escape
    139.Horse Hoof Hoofer
    140.Pint Size Surprise
    141.Kitty Kat Spat
    142.Fire Fighter Flyer
    143.Monster Madness
    144.Baby Sitter's Jitters
    145.Sheep Thief Grief
    146.Chicken Hearted Bozo
    147.Good Deed Indeed
    148.Bulldog Bully
    149.Yoo-Hoo Uranium
    150.Space Gun Fun
    151.Go-Go Bozo
    152.Bowler Bozo
    153.Bozo and the Corny Crow
    154.Super Salesman Bozo
    155.Good Luck Duck
    156.Bo-Peep's Sheep
    157.Termite Flight Fright
    158.Rootin' Tootin' Six Gun Shootin'
    159.Mail Man's Mixup
    160.Bozo's Spunky Monkey
    161.Paleface Chase
    162.Ozark Lark
    163.Big Boo Boo on a Fast Choo Choo