Titolo originale: Danger Mouse

Cosgrove-Hall Productions

Anno: 1981

Episodi: 89

Canali: reti locali


Questo cartone animato è nato come parodia della serie di fumetti Marvel dedicata all’agente speciale Nick Fury: come lui, anche Danger Mouse porta una benda sull’occhio sinistro ed è un super agente segreto. Egli è, però, un topo bianco ed ha come assistente il pauroso criceto Ernest Penfold.
Il suo capo, il Colonnello K, chiama all’azione Danger Mouse quando il mondo è in pericolo ed il nostro eroe, con un equipaggiamento da far invidia a James Bond, affronta senza paura mostri, scienziati pazzi, boss malavitosi e criminali di tutti i tipi.

Nei paesi anglofoni, Danger Mouse è molto più popolare che in Italia. Nella sua serie, tuttavia, ha debuttato un personaggio che da noi ha avuto più fortuna: il Conte Dacula.


Titoli episodi

  1.Rogue Robots
  2.Who Stole the Bagpipes?
  3.Trouble With Ghosts
  4.The Chicken Run
  5.The Martian Misfit
  6.The Dream Machine
  7.Lord of the Bungle
  8.Die Laughing
  9.The World of Machines
10.Ice Station Camel
11.The Plague of Pyramids
12.Crumhorn Strikes Back!
13.Ants, Trees and ... Whoops-A-Daisy
14.There’s a Penfold in My Suit
15.Rhyme and Punishment
16.Pillow Fright!
17.Heavy Duty
18.The Intergalactic 147
20.Close Encounters of the Absurd Kind
21.The Duel
22.The Day of the Suds
23.The Bad Luck Eye of the Little Yellow God
24.The Four Tasks of Danger Mouse
25.The Invasion of Colonel ’K’
26.Danger Mouse Saves the World ... Again
27.The Odd Ball Runaround
28.The Strange Case of the Ghost Bus
29.Trip to America
30.The Wild, Wild Goose Chase
31.The Return of Count Duckula
32.Demons Aren’t Dull
33.150 Million Years Lost
34.The Planet of the Cats
35.4 Heads Are Better than 2
36.Tower of Terror
37.The Great Bone Idol
38.Public Enemy No.1
39.Long Lost Crown Affair
40.By George It’s a Dragon
41.Tiptoe Through the Penfolds
42.Project Moon
43.The Next Ice Age Begins at Midnight
44.The Aliens are Coming
45.Remote-Controlled Chaos
46.The Man From Gadget
47.Tampering With Time Tickles
48.Nero Power
49.Once Upon a Time Slip
50.Viva Danger Mouse
51.Play it Again, Wufgang
52.Hear, Hear
53.Multiplication Fable
54.The Spy Who Stayed in With a Cold
55.It’s All White, White Wonder
56.The Hickory Dickory Dock Dilemma
57.What a Three-Point Turn-Up For the Book
58.Quark! Quark!
59.’Alping is Snow Easy Matter
60.`Aaargh! Spiders!
61.One of Our Stately Homes is Missing
62.Afternoon Off - With the Fangboner
63.Beware of Mexicans Delivering Milk
65.The Good, the Bad and the Motionless
67.The Clock Strikes Back!
68.Ee! Tea!
69.Bandits, Beans and Ballyhoo!
70.Have You Fled Any Good Books Lately?
71.Tut, Tut, It’s Not Pharaoh
72.Lost, Found and Spellbound
73.Penfold, B.F.
74.Mechanized Mayhem
75.Journey to the Earth’s... `Cor
76.Danger Mouse on the Orient Express
77.The Ultra Secret Secret
78.Duckula Meets Frankenstoat
79.Where There’s a Well There’s a Way
80.All Fall Down
81.Turn of the Tide
82.Gremlin Alert
83.Cor! What a Picture
84.I Spy With My Little Eye
85.Bigfoot Falls
86.The Statue of Liberty Caper
87.Penfold Transformed
88.A Dune With a View
89.Dan Coyote and Sancho Penfold