Titolo originale:  Dennis the Menace

DIC / General Mills inc. / Hank Ketcham Enterprises Inc.

Anno: 1986

Episodi: 234

Canali: Italia 1 / Rete 4 / reti locali


Serie animata - tratta da un fumetto di Hank Ketcham - che vede protagonista Denny Mitchell, un ragazzino biondo e lentigginoso dall'aria innocente che, insieme allo stralunato cane Ruff (affetto da un'inspiegabile fobia nei confronti dei gatti), all'inseparabile amico Joey e talvolta alla petulante Margaret e ad altri amichetti, combina puntualmente dei guai ai danni dei suoi genitori, Alice ed Henry, ma soprattutto dello scorbutico vicino di casa, il signor George Wilson, che finisce sempre per arrabbiarsi con lui a differenza di sua moglie Martha, la quale, invece, trova sempre la maniera di giustificare i comportamenti del piccolo e lo difende a spada tratta.

Denny è giunto in Italia inizialmente come personaggio dei fumetti sotto il nome di Totò Tritolo ed anche Denni la pulce; esiste un'omonima serie che non ha alcun legame con questa ed è stata trasmessa anche in Italia con il titolo Si salvi chi può! Arriva Dennis.

Ne sono stati tratti anche dei film: Dennis la minaccia, Dennis colpisce ancora e Dennis la minaccia di Natale.



Titoli episodi (suddivisi in 78 puntate per 3 episodi ciascuna)


  1.L'associazione studentesca / Denny in ospedale / Questione da uomini
  2.Bulli, soldati e dolori / Train That Boy / Genie Madness
  3.Cheer Up / Ghostblusters / The Life You Save
  4.Shark Treatment / Jungle Bungle / Racetrack Menace
  5.Ruff e il cane robot / Troppi cambiamenti / Attenzione Denny è al lavoro
  6.Fishing For Trouble / Future Fortune / Time Bomb
  7.Spa Blahs / Whale Of A Tale / Disaster On The Green
  8.Here, Kitty / Circus Beserkus / The Monster Of Mudville Flats
  9.The Price Of Stardom / Space Menace / The Magic Flute
10.Superstizioni / Visita al cacciatorpediniere / L'abominevole uomo delle nevi
11.Snowman Madness / The Invisible Kid / Home Destruction
12.Chitty Chitty Moon Walk / Wet 'N Wild / Dennis At The Movies
13.The Supermarket / The Big Candied Apple / The Detective Detector
14.Il mio amico Henry / Lezioni di volo / Tutti in campeggio
15.Lontano da casa / Denny il pirata / Up Up & Away
16.Una vita da Ruff / Professor Myron Mentalapse / Dennis Race 2000
17.A Better Mousetrap / The Wizzer Of Odd / Canine Car Wash
18.Ride'Em Cowboy / Tenting Tonight / A Hair Raising Tale
19.Medieval Evil / Beaver-Mania / Say Uncle
20.Hopping Mad / Mayan Mayhem / The Big Power Trip
21.Strong Medicine / Gold Strike / Lights! Camera! Mud!
22.Invasion Of The Blob / Wild West Show-Down / The Hen Party
23.Up Up & Oh Boy! / The Company Picnic / Aw Nuts!
24.Clip-Joint Capers / Tanks For The Memory / Second Honeymoon
25.A Couple Of Coo-Coos / The Cloneheads / Nothing But The Tooth
26.Mummy's Little Boy / Horsing Around / Dennis Plasters Pamplona
27.Dennis Predicts / Dennis & The Kangaroo Cavalry / Meatball Mess
28.My Fair Dennis / A Good Knight's Work / Life In The Fast Lane
29.A Nightmare At The Opera / A Royal Pain / Having A Marbleous Time
30.Marky The Menace / Dennis The Genius / A Step Ahead
31.The Boss Gets Scalped / Mr. Dennistein / Lean Green Jumping Machine
32.Laundry Business / Journey To The Center Of Uncle Charlie's Farm / Dennis Springs Into Action
33.Ruff's Hat Trick / A Moving Experience / Lemon-Aid
34.Sounds In The Night / Dennis Does Hollywood / Ruff To The Rescue
35.The Bicycle Thief / Menace Of The Mine Shaft / Margaret's Birthday Party
36.So Sorry / Shock Therapy / Yard Wars
37.Ruff's Masterpiece / Going To The Dogs / Big Baby
38.Building A Better Dog House / Dennis & The Dragon / Hic!
39.Strike Up The Band / Queen Of Chinatown / Tale Of A Tux
40.Give A Little Whistle / Charmed I'm Sure / After Hours
41.Baseball's Best Ballplayer / Mr.Wilson's Diet / The Backyard Band
42.Double Dennis / Timber Wolves / Help Not Wanted
43.Million Dollar Dennis / 3-D & Me / Barber Shop Disharmony
44.Bowling For Dennis / Dennis Conquers The Navy / The Longest Half-Yard
45.Vampire Scare / Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Dennis / Wilson For Mayor
46.Dangerous Detour / The Prodigy / The Chimp
47.High Steel / Bicycle Mania / Little Dogs Lost
48.Dennis Destroys Dallas / Black & Blue Hawaii / Oil's Well That Ends Well
49.Door To Door Bore / Dennis In Venice / Young Sherlock Dennis
50.Surf's Up / Yo Ho Ho / The Karate Kiddie
51.Dennis & The Deep / K-9 Kollege / Housepests
52.Animalympics / No Bones About It / Dennis Takes The Cake
53.Quiet Riot / The Magic Pen / A Feeling For Stealing
54.Househusband Henry / Wheeling & Double-Dealing / Stop That Car
55.Lights, Camera, Auction / Boy Ahoy / Faulty Alarm
56.Hail To The Chief / Dennis In Microchipland / Handy Dandy Dennis
57.Dennis The Businessman / Soccer It To Me, Dennis / Camp Over Here-Over There
58.Hullaballoo At The Harmony Homes / Phantom Of The Wax Museum / Dennis & The Gypsy Woman
59.Attack Of The Giant Tomatoes / The Dinosaur Doozy / Funhouse Grouch
60.Dennis Rocks Out / Deserted With Dennis / Fashionable Menace
61.Back To The Drawing Board / Part-Time Helper / G.I. George
62.Wanted: Scarface Wilson / Ruff Come Home / 10-4 Dennis
63.Heroes Unwelcome / The Martians Are Coming / Ancient Olympics
64.Pool Haul / Fool For Gold / Nothin' To Be Afraid Of
65.Yankee Doodle Dennis / Dennis The Barnstormer / Trial & Error
66.Frankenstymied / Space Race / The Incredible Shrinking Dennis
67.Crummy Mummy / Swiss Family Mitchell / Pie In The Eye
68.Instant Replay / Underwater Wonderland / Safe At Home
69.It's Magic Time / Dennis In Wonderland / Water On The Brain
70.The Great Pie Swap / Climb Of The Century / Little Beauty Shop Of Horrors
71.Tunnel Vision / Super Duper Dennis / Ice Show Show-Off
72.Snow Wars / The Moroccan Pigeon / Dennis Of The Jungle
73.Young At Heart / Thor-Sicle / A Word From Our Sponsor
74.A Froggy Day / Loch Ness Mess / Box Office Smash
75.Menaced Marriage / Dennis Of The Yukon / Seal Of Approval
76.A Fox Tale / Gorilla Warfare/ Shared Interest
77.Kooked Goose / Pell Mell Hotel / The Old Ball Game
78.The Wright Stuff / Hassle In The Castle / Wilson's Night Out