Titolo originale: The Dick Tracy Show 

Upa Studios

Anno: 1961

Episodi: 130

Canali: Rai 2 / reti locali


Serie animata dedicata a Dick Tracy, in cui il protagonista appare soltanto all’inizio di ogni episodio per assegnare il caso del giorno ad uno tra i suoi collaboratori per poi tornare in scena una o due volte nel corso della vicenda.

Ne è stato prodotto anche un remake con lo stesso titolo: Dick Tracy.


Titoli episodi

    1.Pearl Thief Grief     
    2.Red Hot Riding Hoods      
    3.Jewel Fool  
    4.Scrambled Yeggs      
    5.The Oyster Caper      
    6.Two Heels On Wheels       
    7.Gruesome Twosome
    8.Cheater Gunsmoke      
    9.Racer Chaser      
  10.The Purple Boy  
  11.Surprised Package      
  12.Tanks A Heap      
  13.Champ Chumps      
  14.Phony Pharmers       
  15.A Boodle Of Loot      
  16.Stockyard Caper       
  17.Rogue's Gallery      
  18.The Parrot Caper       
  19.The Catnap Caper      
  20.The Snow Monster
  21.Hawaiian Guy  
  22.Tick Tock Shock      
  23.Escape From Sing Song  
  24.Lab Grab  
  25.Funny Money  
  26.The Onion Ring       
  27.Flea Ring Circus  
  28.The Flower Plot       
  29.Penny Ante Caper      
  30.The Brain Game      
  31.Big Bank Bungle       
  32.Wheeling And Stealing     
  33.Tobacco Load       
  34.The Boomerang Ring     
  35.Trickery At Sea       
  36.Mummy's The Word       
  37.The Hot Ice Bag      
  38.Stamp Scamp     
  39.Cooked Crooks       
  40.The Elephant Caper
  41.Baggage Car Bandits  
  42.Gym Jam       
  43.Bowling Ball Bandits     
  44.Rock-A-Bye Guys      
  45.The Platterpuss Plot      
  46.The Ruby Of Hamistan  
  47.The Bearskin Game      
  48.The Nickle Nabbers  
  49.Grandma Jitsu      
  50.The Newspaper Caper     
  51.Kidnap Trap  
  52.Tacos Tangle
  53.Rocket Racket       
  54.The Venetian Bind      
  55.Bomb's Away  
  56.The Fish Filchers      
  57.The Elevator Lift       
  58.The Alligator Baggers  
  59.Hooked Crooks      
  60.Lighthouse Creepers
  61.The Banana Peel Deal     
  62.The Vile Inn Case      
  63.The Casbah Express      
  64.The Retouchables      
  65.Horse Race Chase      
  66.The Fixed Stare Case      
  67.Cop And Saucer      
  68.The Gold Grabbers      
  69.The Loch Mess Monster      
  70.The Copy Cat Caper      
  71.The Windmill Caper       
  72.The Old Suit Case      
  73.Snow Job      
  74.Smashing The Ring Ring     
  75.Court Jester      
  76.The Two Way Stretch      
  77.Steamboat Steal      
  78.The Big Blowup     
  79.Bettor Come Clean     
  80.Fowl Play
  81.The Great Whodunit      
  82.The Skyscraper Caper  
  83.Hotel Havoc  
  84.The Log Book Case      
  85.The Copped Copper Caper     
  86.Small Time Crooks      
  87.Evil Eye Guy      
  88.Mole In The Hole      
  89.Feathered Frenzy      
  90.Trick Or Treat       
  91.Down The Drain     
  92.Gang Town      
  93.Air Freight Fright      
  94.The Medicine Show Case      
  95.The Castle Caper      
  96.The Camera Caper     
  97.Oil's Well      
  98.The Big Punch      
  99.Mardi Gras Grab      
100.The Manor Monster
101.Hot On The Trail       
102.Rocket 'N Roll      
103.Lumber Scamps      
104.The Cold Cash Caper  
105.Football Brawl     
106.The Ivory Rustlers      
107.A Case For Alarm      
108.Ghostward Ho!       
109.Ham On The Lam       
110.Two Goons In The Fountain     
111.The Monkey Tale      
112.The Pigeon Coup      
113.The Old Mummy Case       
114.The Tower Of Pizza      
115.Island Racket      
116.The Big Seal Steal      
117.Choo Choo Boo Boo      
118.Crooksters' Last Stand     
119.The Bank Prank       
120.The Van Vandals
121.The Bird Brain Pickers     
122.The Film Can Caper      
123.Quick Cure Quacks      
124.The Lie Detector      
125.The Big Wig
126.The Stuffed Pillow Case     
127.Crime Flies      
128.The Last Blast  
129.The Chinese Cookie Caper     
130.The Sweepstakes Caper