Titolo originale: The Adventures of Don Coyote and Sancho Panda

Hanna & Barbera / Rai

Anno: 1990

Episodi: 26

Canali: Rai 1



Serie animata liberamente ispirata al romanzo Don Chisciotte, in cui i protagonisti sono animali antropomorfi.



Titoli episodi

  1.Pity the Poor Pirate
  2.Not a Ghost of a Chance
  3.The Horse Who Would Be King
  4.Veni Vidi Viking
  5.Don Coyote Meets Robin Hood
  6.Rosinante by a Nose
  7.The Reluctant Brides
  8.Surely You Joust
  9.Double Don
10.Don Coyote and the Flying Gargoyle
11.Don Coyote and the Masked Avenger
12.Shrink, Shrank, Shrunk
13.Who’s Got the Genie?
14.Sancho’s Island
15.Vincente the Inventor
16.Sir Sancho the Nearly Knight
17.Don’t Monkey with the Baby
18.Don Coyote & the Contessa
19.Don Coyote & the Deep Sea
20.A Knight in Arabia
21.Goodbye Rosinante
22.Don Coyote’s Fire-Breathing Friend
23.The Haunted Inheritance
24.Don Coyote & the Feudin’ Families
25.Don Coyote & the Christmas Bell
26.Don Coyote & the Secret Weapon