Titolo originale: Droopy: Master Detective

Hanna & Barbera / Turner Entertainment

Anno: 1993

Episodi: 39

Canali: Rai 2


Spin-off di Tom & Jerry Kids, nel quale Droopy, nei panni di un improbabile investigatore, Droopy indaga su avvenimenti apparentemente senza spiegazione.


Titoli episodi (13 puntate per 3 episodi ciascuna)

  1.Queen of the Mutant Weirdo Vampires / Screwball Snowballs / Shadowman and the Blue Pigeon
  2.Droopy and the Cyberdolts / Pickax Max / Hey! Where's Arnold?
  3.Return of the Yolker / A Chip off the old Blockhead / Mighty McWolf
  4.Deep Swamp Droopy / Dogbreath Dweeble / Hogswild
  5.Primeval Prey / Dweeble's Worst Nightmare / Battle of the Super Squirrels
  6.The Babyman Bank Heists / Dweeble's Night Out / The Deep Space Case
  7.The Monster Mob / Everybody Out / Sherlock Droopy
  8.Dueling Detectives / Squirrelicus Obnoxiousness / Sherlock Droopy Gets Hounded
  9.Auntie Snoople / Demolition Disorder / Mushu McWolf
10.Sheep Thrills / Screwball Out West / The Maltese Fossil
11.The Case of Pierre Le Poulet / Commotion on the Ocean / Alligator Droopy
12.Droopy's Deep Sea Mystery / How can we miss you if you won't go away / The Case of the Missing Dragon
13.Round 'em up, Bub / A Screwball Romance / The Case of the Snooty Star