Titolo originale: The Flintstone Kids 

Casa: Hanna & Barbera

Anno: 1986

Episodi: 75

Canali: Rai 2 / Italia 1


Serie incentrata sulle avventure dei Flintstones calata in un contesto infantilizzato; in alcuni episodi, compare anche Capitan Cavey.


Titoli episodi

  1.The Great Freddini
  2.Heroes For Hire  
  3.The Bad News Brontos
  4.Dusty Disappears
  5.Poor Little Rich Girl
  6.The Rock Concert That Rocked Freddy
  7.Curse Of The Gemstone Diamond  
  8.I Think That I Shall Never See Barney Rubble As A Tree
  9.The Fugitives
10.Freddy's Rocky Road To Karate
11.Barney's Moving Experience
12.The Little Visitor
13.Grandpa For Loan
14.Freddy's First Crush
15.Bedrock P.I.s
16.Princess Wilma
18.Rubble Without A Cause
19.Indiana Flintstone
20.Freddy in the Big House
21.Sugar and Spies
22.Monster from the Tar Pits
23.Betty's Big Break
24.Dino Goes Hollyrock
25.Bedrock 'N' Roll
26.The Twilight Stone
27.Philo's Invention
28.Yard Wars
29.Dreamchip's Car Wash
30.Dressed Up Dino
31.Fred's Mechanical Dog
32.The Butcher Shoppe
33.The Vet
34.The Dino Diet
35.What Price Fleadom
36.The Terror Within
37.Revenge of the Bullied
38.The Chocolate Chip Catastrophe
39.Watchdog Blues
40.Captain Cavepuppy
41.Freezy Does It
42.Invasion of the Mommy Snatchers
43.The Ditto Master
44.I Was A Teenage Grown-Up
45.Grime & Punishment
46.A Tale of Too Silly
47.To Baby or Not to Baby
48.Day of the Villains
49.Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow
50.Curse of the Reverse
51.Capt. Caveman's First Adventure
52.Leave It To Mother
53.Greed it and Weep
54.The Flintstone Fake Ache
55.Better Buddy Blues
56.Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Betty
57.Camper Scamper
58.A Tiny Egg
60.Freddy The 13th
61.Little Rubble, Big Trouble
62.Philo's D-Feat
63.Rocky's Rocky Road
64.Killer Kitty
65.Who's Faultin' Who?
66.Bone Voyage
67.World War Flea
68.A Midnite Pet Peeve
69.The Birthday Shuffle
70.Captain Knaveman
71.Attack of the Fifty Foot Teenage Lizard
72.The Cream-Pier Strikes Back
73.Captain Caveman's Super Cold
74.The Big Bedrock Bully Bash
75.Captain Cavedog