Titolo originale: Funky Cops

Antefilms Productions / M6 / TPS Cinema

Anno: 2003

Episodi: 39

Canali: reti locali


Serie incentrata sulle avventure di un improbabile gruppo di poliziotti.


Titoli episodi

      1.All the cars in San Francisco
      2.Jill Roy was Here (The Thief of Hearts)
      3.A fool's errand
      4.Help! there's a Gorilla in this episode (Day Care Detectives)
      5.Long live the King
      7.Under Construction
      8.Funky bankers
      9.End of disco
    10.Dynamite Dick (The King of the Ring)
    11.Blast from the past
    12.Discomatic (Double Trouble)
    13.Woman scorned
    14.Cruising for criminals (Cruise Control)
    15.Amazones decibels (The Earth Mothers)
    16.Double life (Lady Knight)
    17.Christmas blues (And No Partridge in a Pear Tree)
    18.Read my mind
    19.Jailbreak (Escape from Alcatraz)
    20.Method madness (Director's Cut}
    21.The french disconnection
    22.Choo choo Baby Love (False Idols)
    23.M for Melody (Shrieking Havoc/Something in the Air)
    24.Back to school (21 December 2007)
    25.Farley Rangers (Danger With the Rangers ) - 1a parte
    26.Farley Rangers (Danger With the Rangers ) - 2a parte
    27.Burn, baby burn
    28.Ali Baba & 40 showgirls
    30.No spring for the rolls
    32.Hoo do?... Voodoo!
    33.Cop Story
    34.Mr Light End
    35.The Bamboozier who loved my
    36.Diamonds are for...
    37.Fins at Thunder Bay
    38.The Mark of the Seal
    39.Mickey Jackspot