Titolo originale: George and Martha
Casa: Nelvana / Wild Things Productions
Anno: 1999
Episodi: 52
Canali: Rai 3

Serie animata basata sui racconti di James Marshall, con protagonisti due ippopotami.

Titoli episodi (26 puntate con 2 episodi ciascuna)

  1.The Dance Recital / The Tooth
  2.The Snoop / A Day at the Beach
  3.The Scary Movie / The Book
  4.The Big Scare / The French Lesson
  5.The Mirror / The Special Gifts
  6.The Picnic / The Trickster
  7.The Trip / The Experiment
  8.The Triple Dare / The Icky Story
  9.The Garden / Split Pea Soup
10.The Acting Class / Baby Doll
11.The Comedian / The Prize
12.The Misunderstanding / The Secret Club
13.The Hypnotist / The Sweet Tooth
14.The Cold / The Campout
15.The Reader / The Decorator
16.The Badminton Tournament / The Caddy
17.The Roller Derby / The Spa
18.The Argument / Happy Palms' Finest
19.The Flying Donut / Martha's Cousin
20.The Big Splash / My Stars!
21.The Blabbermouth / Life and Breath
22.The Best Friends Show / The Sleepwalker
23.Funny Business / The Tease
24.The Play's the Thing / The Sore Loser
25.The Costumed Duo / Temper Temper
26.The Fibber / The Mascot