Titolo originale: Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs

Casa: Harry's Bucket Inc. / Harry's Dinosaur Limited / CCI Entertainment / Collingwood O'Hare Entertainment / Silver Fox Films

Anno: 2005

Episodi: 104

Canali: Rai 2

Serie animata basata sui racconti scritti da Ian Whybrow e Adrian Reynolds, in cui il protagonista, un bambino di nome Harry, quando salta dentro il suo secchiello blu, arriva a Dino World, un mondo fantastico abitato da piccoli dinosauri con cui Harry si diverte a giocare.

Titoli episodi (solo quelli trasmessi in Italia)

  3.But I Like Mud!
  4.It's a Kitty!
  5.Can I Join?
  6.What Mess?
  8.Nobody's Listening to Me!
  9.I Wish!
10.Yo Ho Ho!
11.Harry, Ace Reporter!
12.What's for Breakfast?
13.I Wish it Would Stop Raining!
16.Super Harry!
17.Today's the Day!
18.Your'e Too Little!
19.Can You Hear a Drip?
20.Who Says My Dinosaurs Aren't Cool?
21.I Can't Find My Favourite Sock!
22.I Promise!
24.I Am Not Going
25.Me First
27.Who to Choose?
29.I Win!
30.I Want to Do Them All!
31.I Keep Going Over the Edges!
33.Can I Keep It?
34.I Don't Wanna Go To Bed
35.Look What I Found!
36.I Still Can't Hear You
37.To Outerspace!
38.Hail the Queen!
39.Steggy's Not Here!
40.Get Growing!
41.Let's Rock!
42.I Wish I Was a Builder!
43.What Happens Next?
45.When I Grow Up!
46.The Postman's Here!
47.I Can Play Music!
49.It's In Nana's Room
50.Can I Sleep In My Tent?
51.I Spy!
52.It's Made of Cheese!