Titolo originale:  The new Three Stooges

Casa: Normandy Productions / Cambria Studios / Heritage Productions

Anno: 1965

Episodi: 156

Canali: reti locali


Versione animata delle disavventure dei tre comici statunitensi Moe Howard, Joe De Rita e Larry Fine in brevi episodi doppiati e presentati dagli stessi protagonisti in carne ed ossa, che componevano insieme un trio denominato The Three Stooges di cui vengono presentati alcuni loro sketch dal vivo poco prima dell'inizio degli episodi del giorno.
In precedenza, i tre erano stati protagonisti anche di una precedente serie animata prodotta da Hanna & Barbera, che è rimasta inedita in Italia.



Titoli episodi (39 puntate con 4 episodi ciascuna)

  1.That Little Old Bomb Maker / Woodsmen Bear That Tree / Let's Shoot The Player Piano Players / Dentist The Menace
  2.Safari So Good / Think Or Thwim / There Auto Be A Law / That Old Shell Game
  3.Hold That Line / Flycycle Built For Two / Dizzy Doodlers / The Classical Clinker
  4.Movie Scars / A Bull For Andamo / The Tree Nuts / Tin Horn Dude
  5.Thru Rain, Sleet And Snow / Goldriggers of '49 / Ready, Jetset, Go / Behind The 8-Ball Express
  6.Stop Dragon Around / To Kill A Clockingbird / Who's Lion / Fowl Weather Friend
  7.Wash My Line / Little Cheese Chaser / The Big Windbag / Baby Sitters
  8.Clarence Of Arabia / Three Jacks And A Beanstalk / That Was The Wreck That Was / The Three Astronutz
  9.Peter Panic / When You Wish Upon A Fish / Little Past Noon / Hair Of A Bear
10.3 Lumps In A Lamp / Who's For Dessert? / Watts My Lion / Which Is Witch
11.Suture Self / The Yolks On You / Tally Moe With Larry And Joe / The First In Lion
12.The Transylvania Railroad / What's Mew Pussycat? / It's A Bad Bad Bad Bad World / Bridge On The River Cry
13.Hot Shots / Mel's Angels / Bee My Honey / That Dirty Bird
14.Stone Age Stooges / Smoke Gets In Your Skies / Queen Quong / Campsight Fright
15.Goldibear And The Three Stooges / The Lyin' Tamer / The Pen Game / It's A Small World
16.Late For Launch / Forgot In Space / The Noisy Silent Movie / Get Out Of Town By Sundown Brown
17.Table Tennis Tussle / Phony Express / Best Test Pilots / Little Bear
18.A Fishy Tale / The Unhaunted House / Aloha Ha Ha / The Rise And Fall Of The Roman Umpire
19.Deadbeat Street / Cotton Pickin' Chicken / Larry And The Pirates / Tree Is A Crowd
20.Feud For Thought / Bat And Brawl / Knight Without End / Up A Tree
21.Turnabout Is Bearplay / Pow Wow Row / Flat Heads / No News Is Good News
22.Bully For You, Curly / Tee For Three / Goofy Gondoliers / Bearfoot Fishermen
23.Washout Below / The Three Marketeers / Follo The White Lion / One Good Burn Deserves Another
24.Curly's Bear / Land Ho, Ho, Ho / Surfs You Right / 7 Faces Of Timbear
25.Bearfoot Bandit / Nuttin' But The Brave / 3 Good Knights / Call Of The While
26.Snowbrawl / Rob'n'Good / There's No Mule Like An Old Mule / Squawk Valley
27.Mummies Boys / The Plumber's Friend / Rub-a-dub-Tub / Under The Bad-Bad Tree
28.Hairbrained Barbers / Waiter Minute / Souperman / Abominable Showman
29.Curly In Wonderland / Boobs In The Woods / Chimney Sweeps / The Mad Mail Mission
30.Out Of Space / Wizards Of Odd / 3 For The Road / Feudin' Fussin' And Hillbully
31.Don't Misbehave Indian Brave / You Ain't Lion / Muscle On Your Mind / Badmen In The Briny
32.Furry Fugitive / How The West Was Once / Bowling Pinheads / The Mountain Ear
33.Norse West Passage / Lastest Gun In The West / Toys Will Be Toys / First Class Service
34.Strictly For The Birds / Le' Stoogenaires / The Bear Who Came Out Of The Cold / The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Hit
35.Little Red Rifing Wolf / Bell Hop Flops / Dig That Golpher / Gagster Dragster
36.Just Plane Crazy / From Bad To Verse / Droll Weevil / The Littlest Martian
37.The Bear Showoff / No Money, No Honey / Get That Snack Shack Off The Track / Curly's Birthday-a-Go-Go
38.The Men From U.C.L.A. / Super Everybody / Kangaroo Catchers / No Smoking Aloud
39.The Chicken Delivery Boys / Sno Ball / Rug-a-Bye Baby / Dinopoodi