Titolo originale: Rokumon Tengai Mon Colle Knights

Casa: Studio Deen / Saban Entertainment

Anno: 2001

Episodi: 51

Canali: Rai 2


In questa serie animata demenziale, il professor Hiragi, sua figlia Rokna ed il suo amico Mondo viaggiano a bordo dell'astronave Utopia per raggiungere il pianeta Mon, in cui devono trovare sei oggetti speciali da portare sulla Terra al fine di stabilire un contatto pacifico tra i due mondi. Ma il malvagio principe Eccelso, desideroso di impadronirsi di quegli stessi oggetti prima di loro, tenterà di ostacolarli in ogni modo.


Titoli episodi

  1.Just Another Mon-Day
  2.Send In the Frogs
  3.The Giant and the Steed
  4.The Vampire Strikes Back
  5.To See Your Smile Again
  6.Under the Temple and Into Hot Water
  7.Pork Bellies and New Beginnings
  8.Friend or Phobia?
  9.Ms. Loon's Big Adventure
10.Beginner and the Snow Ram
11.These Boots Were Made for Flyin'
12.The Dream Team
13.Knockout Punch-Punch
14.Oh Brother
15.Fangs for the Knight-Mare
16.A Giant Pain in the Mondo
17.Prince Eccentro In The Temple Of Dumb
18.Ring-A-Ding Ding
19.The Eel Thing
20.Mirror Mirror, Off the Wall
21.Secret Orbs and Spices
22.Something Snaky This Way Comes
23.Try, Triathlon Again
24.Expert's Beginning Knights
25.Practice Makes Messes
26.Ogopogo Gone Loco
27.The Good, the Bad, and the Mondo
28.Attack of the Fifty-foot Lovestar
29.One Step Ogre the Line
30.The Mon World Series
31.Fowl Play
32.Touched By a Mondo (1a parte)
33.Touched By a Mondo (2a parte)
34.Sheep Trick
35.All You Need is Lava
36.Cleanliness is Next to Mondoness
37.Fairy, Fairy, Quite Contrary
38.Loon Struck
39.That Worm Feeling
40.Redda Returns
41.Lovestar Can Help Too
42.Calling All Monsters
43.The Last Monster Item
44.The End of Mon World as We Know It
45.The Prophecy of the Golden Dragon
46.Mondo's Pegasus
47.The Beginner Dream
48.The trap of the Red Knight
49.The meeting of the six elements
50.The sixth door has disappeared
51.The legendary diamond