Titolo originale: The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries
Casa: Warner Bros
Anno: 1995
Episodi: 97
Canali: Rai 2



Serie con protagonisti Silvestro e Titti ed incentrata sulle vicende in cui indaga nonna Granny in veste di detective e che li vedono coinvolti, assieme al cane Hector, in strampalate avventure in giro per il mondo ai limiti del thriller (ma sempre connotate dall'umorismo che caratterizza la loro serie storica).



Titoli episodi

  1.Il gatto che parlava troppo
  2.La ruota fuori della fortuna
  3.Doppio inganno
  4.A Chip Off the Old Castle
  5.Something Fishy Around Here
  6.Toro scatenato
  7.Australia remota
  9.A Ticket to Crime
10.Il canarino maltese
11.La vigilia di Natale
12.Un mondo di kilt, kilt, kilt, kilt...
13.Andar per fichi
14.Pazzi dallo spazio
15.Autumn’s Leaving
16.Catch as Catch Cannes
17.Yodel Recall
18.Don’t Polka Me
19.The Granny Vanishes
20.Paura di volare
21.If It’s Wednesday, This Must Be Holland
22.Curse of De Nile
23.Hawaii 33-1/3
24.Keep Your Pantheon
25.Zuppa inglese
26.Mi chiamo signor Lincoln
27.Froggone It
28.La rana bacia tutti
29.Mush Ado About Nothing
30.La stella del Bombay
31.Happy Pranksgiving
32.Parigi puzza
34.Moscow Side Story
35.Fair’s Fair
36.Tre giorni e due notti per un condor
37.El Dia de los Pussygatos
38.Jeepers Creepers
40.Fleas Release Me
41.Niagara’s Fallen
42.Spooker of the House
44.The Fountain of Funk
45.Yes, We Have No Canaries
46.Shell Game
47.Rhaslin Rhapsody
48.Gattaccio sul ghiaccio
49.To Catch a Puddy
50.Family Circles
51.Sea You Later
52.A Case of Red Herring
53.Roswell That Ends Well
54.A Good Nephew Is Hard to Find
55.Mirage Sale
56.The Stilted Perch
57.A Game of Cat and Monster
58.You’re Thor?!
59.I Gopher You
60.Hold the Lyin’ King Please
61.Suite Mystery of Wife
62.The San Francisco Beat
63.The Triangle of Terror
64.Casino Evil
65.Happy Bath Day to You
66.The Rotha Khan
67.Good Bird Hunting
68.Feather Christmas
69.A Fist Full of Lutefisk
70.The Fifty Karat Furball
71.Venice, Anyone?
72.Son of Roswell That Ends Well
73.A Mynah Problem
74.Whatever Happened to Shorty Twang?
75.A Big Knight Out
76.Brussels Sprouts
77.The Golden Bird of Shangri-Claw
78.When Granny Ruled The Earth
79.Dutch Tweet
80.Bayou on the Half Shell
81.Seeing Double
82.This Is the Kitty
83.An Eye for an Aye Aye
84.When Harry Met Sallieri
85.Early Woim Gets the Boid
86.The Blackboard Jumble
87.What’s the Frequency Kitty?
88.Dial V for Veterinarian
89.California’s Crusty Bronze
90.The Tail End
91.This Is the End
92.Who Did It
93.Whack! Whack! Whack!
94.Invisible Boy
95.Yummy! Narf!
96.The Curse of the Were-Fresh
97.Eating Foods