Titolo originale: Rugrats

Klasky-Csupo Inc.
Anno: 1991

Episodi: 322

Canali: Junior TV - JTV / Italia 1


I Rugrats (letteralmente: ratti da coperta) sono dei bambini molto piccoli che riescono a parlare e ad esprimersi utilizzando un linguaggio e dei suoni che solo loro sono in grado di comprendere.

Essi sono:

- Tommy Pickles, il loro leader di appena un anno, che è figlio di Stu Pickles, il quale litiga in continuazione con il fratello Drew Pickles;

- Chuckie Finster, un gran fifone, al punto di aver paura della sua stessa ombra;

- i gemelli Philip e Lilian DeVille (detti rispettivamente Phil e Lil) che agiscono sempre all'unisono;

- Angelica Pickles, di tre anni, che è la più grande e tratta gli altri come se fossero suoi schiavi; la sua migliore (e forse unica) amica è una bambola di nome Cinzia. E' cugina di Tommy in quanto figlia di Drew Pickles.

Ogni tanto, compare nel gruppo anche un cane di nome Spike.

Questa serie racconta le loro esperienze ed il loro punto di vista sul mondo.

Sono stati prodotti anche dei film di animazione sui personaggi di questa serie: Rugrats – Il film (1998), I Rugrats a Parigi: il film (2000) e I Rugrats nella giungla (2003).


Titoli episodi (166 puntate per 322 episodi)

    1.Tommy's First Birthday
    2.Barbeque Story / Waiter, There's a Baby in My Soup
    3.At the Movies / Slumber Party
    4.Baby Commercial / Little Dude
    5.Beauty Contest / Baseball
    6.Ruthless Tommy / Adventure Squad
    7.Grandpa's Teeth / Momma Trauma
    8.Real or Robots? / Special Delivery
    9.Candy Bar Creep Show / Monster in the Garage
  10.Weaning Tommy / Incident in Aisle Seven
  11.Touch-Down Tommy / The Trial
  12.Fluffy vs. Spike / Reptar's Revenge
  13.Graham Canyon / Stu-Maker's Elves
  14.Toy Palace / Sand Ho!
  15.Chuckie Vs. The Potty / Together at Last
  16.The Big House / The Shot
  17.Showdown At Teeter-Totter Gulch / Mirrorland
  18.Angelica's in Love / Ice Cream Mountain
  19.Regarding Stuie / Garage Sale
  20.Let There Be Light / The Bank Trick
  21.Family Reunion / Grandpa's Date
  22.No Bones About It / Beach Blanket Babies
  23.Reptar on Ice / Family Feud
  24.Superhero Chuckie / The Dog Broomer
  25.Aunt Miriam / The Inside Story
  26.A Visit From Lipschitz / What The Big People Do
  27.The Santa Experience
  28.Visitors from Outer Space / The Case of the Missing Rugrat
  29.Chuckie Loses His Glasses / Chuckie Gets Skunked
  30.Rebel Without a Teddy Bear / Angelica the Magnificent
  31.Meet the Carmichaels / The Box
  32.Down the Drain / Let Them Eat Cake
  33.The Seven Voyages of Cynthia / My Friend Barney
  34.Feeding Hubert / Spike the Wonder Dog
  35.The Slide / The Big Flush
  36.King Ten Pin / Runaway Angelica
  37.Game Show Didi / Toys in the Attic
  38.Driving Miss Angelica / Susie vs. Angelica
  39.Tooth or Dare / Party Animals
  40.Dummi Bear Dinner Disaster / Twins Pique
  41.Chuckie's First Haircut / Cool Hand Angelica
  42.The Tricycle Thief / Rhinoceritis!
  43.Grandpa Moves Out / The Legend of Satchmo
  44.Circus Angelicus / The Stork
  45.The Baby Vanishes / Farewell, my Friend
  46.When Wishes Come True / Angelica Breaks a Leg
  47.The Last Babysitter / Sour Pickles
  48.Reptar 2010 / Stu Gets a Job
  49.Give and Take / The Gold Rush
  50.Home Movies / The Mysterious Mr. Friend
  51.Cuffed / The Blizzard
  52.Destination: Moon / Angelica's Birthday
  53.Princess Angelica / The Odd Couple
  54.Naked Tommy / Tommy and the Secret Club
  55.Under Chuckie's Bed / Chuckie is Rich
  56.Mommy's Little Assets / Chuckie's Wonderful Life
  57.In the Dreamtime / The Unfair Pair
  58.Chuckie's Red Hair / Spike Runs Away
  59.The Alien / Mr. Clean
  60.Angelica's Worst Nightmare / The Mega Diaper Babies
  61.New Kid In Town / Pickles Vs. Pickles
  62.Kid TV / The Sky is Falling
  63.I Remember Melville / No More Cookies
  64.Cradle Attraction / Moving Away
  67.Mother's Day
  69.Spike's Babies / Chicken Pops
  70.Radio Daze / Psycho Angelica
  71.America's Wackiest Home Movies / The 'Lympics
  72.Car Wash / Heatwave
  73.Angelica's Last Stand / Clan of the Duck
  74.Faire Play / The Smell of Success
  75.The Turkey Who Came to Dinner
  76.Potty Training Spike / The Art Fair
  77.Send in the Clouds / In the Naval
  78.The Mattress / Looking for Jack
  79.Hiccups / Autumn Leaves
  80.Dust Bunnies / Educating Angelica
  81.Ransom of Cynthia / Turtle Recall
  82.Angelica Orders Out / Let it Snow
  83.Angelica Nose Best / Pirate Light
  84.Grandpa's Bad Bug / Lady Luck
  85.Crime and Punishment / Baby Maybe
  86.Word of the Day / Jonathan Babysits
  87.He Saw, She Saw / Piggy's Pizza Palace
  88.Babysitting Fluffy / Sleep Trouble
  89.The First Cut / Chuckie Grows
  90.Fugitive Tommy / Visiting Aunt Miriam
  91.Uneasy Rider / Where's Grandpa?
  92.Journey to the Center of the Basement / A Very McNulty Birthday
  93.The Family Tree
  94.Chuckie's Duckling / A Dog's Life
  95.Chuckerfly / Angelica's Twin
  96.Raising Dil / No Naps
  97.Man of the House / A Whole New Stu
  98.Submarine / Chuckie's a Lefty
  99.Baking Dil / Hair!
100.Zoo Story / I Do
101.The Magic Baby / Dil We Meet Again
102.Hand Me Downs / Angelica's Ballet
103.Opposites Attract / The Art Museum
104.The Jungle / The Old Country
105.Ghost Story / Chuckie's Complaint
106.Pedal Pusher / Music
107.Chuckie's Bachelor Pad / Junior Prom
108.Silent Angelica / Tie My Shoes
109.What's Your Line? / Two By Two
110.All's Well that Pretends Well / Big Babies
111.Wrestling Grandpa / Chuckie Collects
112.Runaway Reptar
113.Share and Share a Spike / Tommy for Mayor
114.Brothers are Monsters / Cooking with Susie
115.Officer Chuckie / Auctioning Grandpa
116.Partners in Crime / Thumb's Up
117.Planting Dil / The Joke's on You
118.The Big Showdown / Doctor Susie
119.Accidents Happen / Pee-Wee Scouts
120.Chuckie's New Shirt / Cavebabies
121.The Incredible Shrinking Babies / Miss Manners
122.A Dose of Dil / Famous Babies
123.No Place Like Home
124.Be My Valentine
125.Discover America
126.Diaper Change / Fall Stinks / Don't Poop on My Parade
127.Angelicon / Dil's Binkie / Big Brother Chuckie
128.Dil Saver / Cooking with Phil and Lil / Piece of Cake
129.Sister Act / Spike's Nightscare / Cuddle Buddy
131.Bad Shoes / The World According to Dil and Spike / Wash-Dry Story
132.Dayscare / The Great Unknown / Falling Stars
133.Changes for Chuckie / The Magic Show / A Lulu of a Time
134.Cat Got Your Tongue? / The War Room / Attention Please
135.And the Winner Is... / Dil's Bathtime / Bigger Than Life
136.Day of the Potty / Tell-Tale Cell Phone / The Time of Their Lives
137.My Fair Babies / The Way Things Work / Home Sweet Home
138.Adventure Squad / The Way More Things Work / Talk of the Town
139.A Rugrats Kwanzaa
140.All Growed Up
141.Pre-school Daze
142.Curse of the Were-Wuff
143.Bow Wow Wedding Vows
144.Quiet, Please! / Early Retirement
145.The Doctor is In / The Big Sneeze
146.The Fun Way Day / The Age of Aquarium
147.Daddy's Little Helpers / Hello Dilly
148.Cynthia Comes Alive / Trading Phil
149.Murmur on the Ornery Express
150.Back to School / Sweet Dreams
151.A Step at a Time / Angelica's Assistant
152.A Tale of Two Puppies / Okey-Dokey Jones and the Ring of the Sunbeams
153.Happy Taffy / Imagine That
154.Club Fred
155.The Perfect Twins
156.Babies in Toyland
157.Clown Around / The Baby Rewards
158.Diapies and Dragons / Baby Power
159.Bug Off / The Crawl Space
160.Starstruck / Where's Taffy?
161.They Came from the Backyard / Lil's Phil of Trash
162.Mutt's in a Name / Hurricane Alice
163.Bestest of Show / Hold the Pickles
164.Baby Sale / Steve
165.The Bravliest Baby / Gimme an 'A'
166.Fountain of Youth / Kimi Takes the Cake