Titolo originale: Super Friends

Casa: Hanna & Barbera / Eric porter Studios (solo 1a serie)
Anno: 1973 - 1985

Episodi: 208

Canali: reti locali


Serie animata basata sui personaggi appartenenti alla Justice League of America - le cui vicende a fumetti sono pubblicate dalla DC Comics - impegnati a salvare la Terra dagli attacchi di alcuni supercriminali.

Ne sono membri fissi: Superman, Batman e Robin, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Wendi, Marvin ed i super gemelli Zan e Jayna (noti come "I Gemelli Meraviglia", o "Wonder Twins", nella versione originale), sempre in compagnia della loro scimmia spaziale Gleek. Occasionalmente, vi compaiono anche altri personaggi della DC Comics.

Il nome del gruppo fu cambiato in Super Friends, in quanto quello originale, all'epoca, contrastava eccessivamente con il fallimento politico della guerra del Vietnam terminata poco prima che questa serie andasse in onda negli USA.

L'idea di base di questa serie verrà in seguita ripresa nella serie Justice League.



Titoli episodi

1a serie) Super Friends - 1973

  1.The Power Pirate
  2.The Baffles Puzzle
  3.Professor Goodfellow’s G.E.E.C.
  4.The Weather Maker
  5.Dr. Pelagian’s War
  6.The Shamon ‘U’
  7.Too Hot To Handle
  8.The Androids
  9.The Balloon People
10.The Fantastic Frerps
11.The Ultra Beam
12.The Menace Of The White Dwarf
13.The Mysterious Moles
14.Gulliver’s Gigantic Goof
15.The Planet Splitter
16.The Watermen

2a serie) All-New Super Friends Hour - 1977

  1(A).The Brain Machine
    (B).Joy Ride
    (C).Invasion Of The Earthors
    (D).The Whirlpool
  2(A).The Secret Four
    (B).Tiger On The Loose
    (C).The Mysterious Time Creatures
    (D).The Antidote
  3(A).Invasion Of The Hydronoids
    (C).City In A Bottle
    (D).Space Emergency
  4(A).Doctor Fright
    (B).Drag Race
    (C).Day Of The Plant Creatures
  5(A).The Monster Of Dr. Droid
    (C).Super Friends Vs. Super Friends
    (D).Energy Mass
  6(A).The Enforcer
    (C).Planet Of The Neanderthals
    (D).Flood Of Diamonds
  7(A).The Invisible Menace
    (C).Coming Of The Arthropods
    (D).River Of Doom
  8(A).Attack Of The Giant Squid
    (B).Game Of Chicken
    (C).The Water Beast
  9(A).The Collector
    (C).The Mind Maidens
    (D).Alaska Peril
10(A).The Fifty Foot Woman
    (C).Exploration Earth
    (D).Attack Of The Killer Bees
11(A).Forbidden Power
    (B).Pressure Point
    (C).The Lion Men
    (D).The Day Of The Rats
12(A).The Man Beasts Of Xra
    (C).The Tiny World Of Terror
    (D).Tibetan Raiders
13(A).Frozen Peril
    (B).Dangerous Prank
    (C).The Mummy Of Nazca
    (D).Cable Car Rescue
14(A).The Marsh Monster
    (B).The Runaways
    (C).Will The World Collide?
    (D).Time Rescue
15(A).The Protector
    (C).The Ghost

3a serie) Challenge of the Super Friends - 1978

  1.Wanted: The Super Friends
  2.Invasion Of The Fearians
  3.The World’s Deadliest Game
  4.The Time Trap
  5.Trial Of The Super Friends
  6.Monolith Of Evil
  7.The Giants Of Doom
  8.Secret Origins Of The Super Friends
  9.Revenge On Gorilla City
10.Swamp Of The Living Dead
11.Conquerors Of The Future
12.The Final Challenge
13.Fairy Tale Of Doom
15.Super Friends: Rest In Peace
16.History Of Doom
17.Rokan: Enemy from Space
18.The Demons of Exxor
19.Battle at the Earth’s Core
20.Sinbad and the Space Pirates
21.The Pied Piper from Space
22.Attack of the Vampire
23.The Beasts Are Coming
24.Terror from the Phantom Zone
25.The Anti-Matter Monster
26.World Beneath the Ice
27.Invasion of the Brain Creatures
28.The Incredible Space Circus
29.Batman: Dead or Alive
30.Battle of the Gods
31.Journey Through Inner Space
32.The Rise and Fall of the Super Friends

4a serie) World's Greatest Super Friends - 1979

  1.Rub Three Times for Disaster
  2.Lex Luthor Strikes Back.
  3.The Space Knights of Camelon
  4.The Lord of Middle Earth
  5.The Universe of Evil
  6.Terror at 20,000 Fathoms
  7.The Super Friends Meet Frankenstein
  8.The Planet of Oz

5a serie) Super Friends Hour Shorts - 1980

    (B).The Ice Demon
    (C).The Make Up Monster
  2(A).Journey into Blackness
    (B).The Cycle Gang
    (C).Dive to Disaster
  3(A).Yuna the Terrible
    (B).The Rock and Roll Space Bandits
    (C).Elevator to Nowhere
  4(A).One Small Step for Mars
    (B).The Haunted House
    (C).The Incredible Crude Oil Monster
  5(A).The Voodoo Vampire
    (B).Invasion of the Gleeks
    (C).Mxyzptlk Strikes Again
  6(A).The Man in the Moon
    (B).The Circus of Horrors
    (C).Around the World in 80 Riddles
  7(A).The Termites from Venus
    (B).The Eruption
    (C).Return of Atlantis
  8(A).The Killer Machines
    (B).The Garden of Doom
    (C).The Revenge of Bizarro

6a serie) Super Friends Hour Shorts - 1981

  1(A).The Outlaws of Orion
    (B).Three Wishes
  2(A).Mxyzptlk’s Flick
    (B).The Sink Hole
    (C).The Alien Mummy
  3(A).The Evil from Krypton
    (B).The Creature from the Dump
    (C).The Aircraft Terror
  4(A).The Lava Men
    (C).The Warlord’s Amulet
  5(A).The Iron Cyclops
    (B).Palette’s Perils
  6(A).The Stowaways from Space
    (B).The Scaraghosta Sea
    (C).The Witch’s Arcade

7a serie) The lost Super Friends Episodes - 1983

  1(A).Mxyzptlk’s Revenge
    (B).The Roller Coaster
    (C).Once Upon a Poltergeist
    (B).Two Gleeks are Deadlier Than One
    (C).Bulgor the Behemoth
  3(A).The Krypton Syndrome
    (B).The Invasion of the Space Dolls
    (C).The Terror on the Titanic
  4(A).The Revenge of Doom
    (B).A Pint of Life
    (C).The Day of the Dinosaurs
  5(A).The Return of the Phantoms
    (B).Bully for You
  6(A).The Prisoners of Sleep
    (B).An Unexpected Treasure
    (C).The Malusian Blob
  7(A).The Attack of the Cats
    (B).One Small Step for Superman
    (C).The Video Victims
  8(A).The Playground of Doom
    (B).The Space Racers
    (C).The Recruiter

8a serie) Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show - 1984

  1(A).The Bride of Darkseid (1a parte)
    (B).The Bride of Darkseid (2a parte)
  2(A).The Wrath of Brainiac
    (B).Reflections in Crime
  3(A).No Honor Among Thieves
    (B).Mr. Mxyzptlk and the Magic Lamp
  4(A).The Case of the Shrinking Super Friends
    (B).The Mask of Mystery
  5(A).Darkseid’s Golden Trap (1a parte)
    (B).Darkseid’s Golden Trap (2a parte)
  6(A).Island of the Dinosoids
    (B).Uncle Mxyzptlk
  7(A).The Case of the Dreadful Dolls
    (B).The Royal Ruse
  8(A).The Village of Lost Souls
    (B).The Curator

9a serie) The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians - 1985

  1.The Seeds of Doom
  2(A).The Ghost Ship
    (B).The Bizarro Super Powers Team
  3.The Darkseid Deception
  4.The Fear
  5.The Wild Cards
  6(A).The Brainchild
    (B).The Case of the Stolen Powers
  7.Escape from Space City
  8.The Death of Superman