Titolo originale: Iggy Arbuckle

Iggy Productions / Teletoon Canada

Anno: 2006

Episodi: 52

Canali: Rai 2


Il maialino Iggy Piggy (Iggy Arbuckle, nella versione originale) ed il castoro Jiggers sono i rangers del parco naturale Kookamunga, i quali sono costantemente impegnati a contrastare i perfidi piani di Catfish Stu, un prepotente pesce gatto che gestisce il campeggio sulle rive del fiume e che vuole arricchirsi anche a costo di arrecare danni all'ambiente.

Serie animata basata sui fumetti di Guy Vasilovich.

Titoli episodi (2 episodi per ogni puntata)

  1.When Iggy Met Jiggers / One Fine Day
  2.Iggy Vs. the Volcano / A Dip in the Pole
  3.The Things We Do for Mud / How Much Wood Can a Wood Pecker Peck?
  4.The Beaver Who Would be King / I am Iggy, Hear Me Snore
  5.Idle Worship / There's Something about Berries
  6.Yawny Come Lately / Petition Impossible
  7.Paradise Found / Luck Before You Leap
  8.The Fish Who Came for Dinner / Courage Under Fur
  9.Lights, Camera! Distraction! / Fish and Chip off the Old Block
10.Any Friend of Yours / Miner Misfortunes
11.The Way of the Skunk / I Fought the Laundromat
12.A Whale of a Tale / Big Toe’s Faux Paw
13.Prince of the Kookamunga / Voyage to the Bottom of the Lake
14.Tower of Beaver / A Bird in the Hoof
15.Fair is Ferret / The Case of the Messy Marauder
16.If Pigs could Fly / Xtreme Iggy
17.Resident Weevil / Kook Kook Achoo
18.Pig-Coloured Glasses / Art for Iggy’s Sake
19.Good Scavenger Hunting / Mooseknuckle Unplugged
20.Pandamonium / Ghost of a Chance
21.O Brother, Where art Thou? / Ol' Trusty
22.Nature’s Calling / Honey, I Ate the Bug
23.Sticking Together / Slow Gnus Day
24.The Big Flap / The Unsung Hero
25.The Kindness of Rangers / Iggy's Family Tree
26.Scents and Sensibility / The Great Kookamunga Standoff