Titolo originale: The Busy World of Richard Scarry

Casa: CINAR Animation

Anno: 1993

Episodi: 84

Canali: Rai 1 / Rai 3


Serie animata ispirata ai racconti illustrati di Richard Scarry, incentrata sulle vite di alcuni animali che vivono nella città di Sgobbonia (Busytown, nella versione originale) e si comportano come gli esseri umani; tra essi, vi sono in particolare il verme Zigo Zago (spesso a bordo della sua caratteristica automela), il gatto Sandrino, il maiale Sansovino, il sergente Multa (un cane a bordo di una motocicletta rossa), il gorilla Banana, la foca infermiera Nora e l'ippopotama Hilda Hippo.


Titoli episodi (alcune puntate comprendono più episodi)

  1.Out of Control / Private Eye Sneef / Busy Day
  2.A Big Operation / Cucumber, the African Photographer / Summer Picnic
  3.Missing Fruit / When in Rome / Sleepy
  4.Young Vikings / Sneef Saves The Queen / Hilda the Director
  5.Disappearing Sun / Golden Catch / Pumpkins
  6.Test Drive / Magic Tree / Drive-In
  7.Beach Only / Tasty Dish / New in Town
  8.Closed / Berry Hunt
  9.Busytown Musical
10.Bananas the Great / Cugnots at Work
11.Time Travel? / Helping a Friend
12.Bananas the Tour Guide / Paint Job / Bad Day
13.Busytown Regetta
14.The Big Story
15.Scout's Field Day
16.Captain Willy and the Pirates
17.Young Vikings
18.High Flyers
19.The Big Move
20.Ambulance Cake
21.Sgt. Murphy's Deputy
22.The Biggest Storm Ever
23.No Time for Bananas
24.Grand Hotel
25.Lowly Breaks a Leg
26.Huckle Gets a Job
27.The Knights of Busytown
28.Billy Dog Gets Glasses
29.The Big Dare
30.The Best Birthday Party Ever
31.Dad's Neat Job
32.Denys at Camp
33.School Dance
34.Mr. Frumble's Brother
35.Tough Test
36.Inventor of the Year
37.Fun-Time Riddle Race
38.The Best Amusement Park Ever
39.Has Anyone Seen My Book?
40.The Perfect Gentleman
41.A Trip Back in Time
42.Mr. Fixit's Magnet Machine
43.Peter's Visit
44.End of the Rainbow
45.Bananas the Magician
46.Daylight Savings Time
47.Triple-A Deliveries
48.Mr. Fixit's Super Submarine
49.Abe and Babe's Christmas Lesson
50.The Best Car Trip Ever
51.Fill'er Up, Scotty
52.Who's Afraid of the Big Eclipse?
53.The Mole Machine
54.Superstitious Bananas
55.King and Queen for a Day
56.The Winners
57.Never Too Small
58.Mr. Gronkle Comes to Stay
59.Match Makers
60.The New Neighbors
61.Mr. Gronkle Moves Away
62.Huckle's Feathery Friend
63.Count on Us
64.The Mystery of the Stone Circle
65.The Big Apple Christmas Caper