Titolo originale: The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss

Casa: Jim Henson Productions

Anno: 1996

Episodi: 40

Canali: Italia 1


Serie a pupazzi animati basata sui personaggi creati da Dr.Seuss.


Titoli episodi

  1.The Gink
  2.Who Are You, Sue Snue?
  3.The King's Beard
  4.The Song of the Zubble-Wump
  5.The Guest
  6.The Simplifier
  7.The Snoozer
  8.Mrs. Zabarelli's Holiday Baton
  9.The Mystery of Winna-bago Falls
10.Almost There
11.Oh, the People You'll Meet
12.The Blag-Bludder Beast
13.The Muckster
14.Norval the Great
15.Max the Hero
16.The Road To Ka-Larry
17.Yertle the King
18.Horton Has a Hit
19.The Birthday Moose
20.The Grinch Meets His Max / Halfway Home To Malamaroo
21.The Cat in the Hat Takes a Nap
22.The Cat in the Hat Cleans Up His Act
23.The Cat in the Hat's Big Birthday Surprise
24.The Sounds All Around
25.Make Yourself at Home
26.The Cat in the Hat's Flower Power
27.The Feed You Need
28.The Cat in the Hat's First-First Day
29.The Cat in the Hat Gets a Package
30.The Cat in the Hat's Indoor Picnic
31.A Bird's Guide to Health
32.The Cat in the Hat Builds a Door-O-Matic
33.A Bird's Best Friend
34.The Cat in the Hat's Art House
35.Lester Leaps In
36.There's Nothing to Fear in Here
37.Talkin' with the Cat
38.Walkin' With the Hat
39.The Cat in the Hat Helps a Friend
40.Cat's Play