Titolo originale: The Jungle Book

Casa: DQ Entertainment / ZDF Enterprises / Moonscoop / Universal Studios

Anno: 2009

Episodi: 52

Canali: Rai 2

Rivisitazione in CGI delle vicende dei personaggi creati da Rudyard Kipling; con va confusa con l'omonima produzione precedente.

Titoli episodi


  1.Man Trap
  2.Wild Black Bees
  3.Itchy Twitchy Kaa!
  4.The Race
  5.Monkey Queen
  6.Sleeping Python
  7.Treasure of Cold Lair
  8.Legend of Giant Claw
  9.Fished Out
10.Kite Flight
11.Mowgli's Log
12.Who Is the Bravest?
13.The Waterfall
14.Darzi's Waterfall Rescue
15.Mowgli's Sparklie
16.Blood Brothers
17.Survival of the Fittest
18.The Day the Earth Shook
19.The Jungle Tour
20.Snake Bite
21.The Bridge
22.Phaona's Nasty Trick
23.The Wishing Tree
24.Is That You, Kaa?
25.The Rubber Ball
26.The Cobra's Egg
27.The Buffaloes
28.The Elephant's Secret
29.Mowgli Number One Fan
30.The Wrong Panther
31.Mowgli The Artist
32.Day Of The Shadow
33.Small Is Beautiful
34.The Tooth Of The Matter
35.A Real Wolf
37.Bagheera In The Man Village
38.Missing Monkey
39.Baloo The King
40.Best In Class
41.The Monster Of Cold Lair
43.Save the Tiger
44.King Kaa
45.The Red Crocodile
46.Lucky Star
47.Mongoose On The Loose
48.River Leaf
49.Human After All
50.Monkey Business
51.Two For The Price Of One
52.Cheel And The Mountain Fire