Titolo originale: Ivanhoe: The King's Knight

Casa: Les Editions De La Ruest Andre (SOCAN) / France Animation / CINAR / Ravensburger Film+TV GMBH 

Anno: 1996

Episodi: 46

Canali: Italia 1


Serie animata incentrata sulle vicende del protagonista dell'omonimo romanzo.


Titoli episodi

  1.A Friend In Need
  2.The Ashby Tournament
  3.The Four Black Knights
  4.The Trap
  5.Ivanhoe Versus Ivanhoe
  6.The Assassin And The Potion
  7.The Bewitchment
  8.The Bearded One
  9.The Song Of Richard
10.The King Is Dead
11.The Legend Of The White Stag
12.The Thoroughbred
13.Lord Warren's Falcon
14.State Of Siege
15.The Sword Of Power
16.The Traitor's Song
17.The Sunken Treasure
18.The Flying Knight
19.The Stolen Key
20.The Madness Of Lord Allan
21.For The Honour Of A Lord
22.The Templar
23.King Arthur's Legacy
24.The Talisman
25.Conspiracy In The Abbey
26.Assassination Plot
27.Rowena's Abduction
28.The Sleight Of Hand
29.The Hostage
30.The Pact
31.The Kidnapping
32.Thor's Axe
33.The Alchemist
34.The Cursed Village
35.The Traitor
36.The Forbidden Weapon
37.The Magician
38.The Wolfman
39.Ambush At The Abbey
40.The Saracen Armour
41.The Miraculous Remedy
42.The Shining Sword
43.Dragon's Island
44.The Savage
45.King Richard's Return
46.The Last Day