Titolo originale: Johnny Cypher In Dimension Zero

Casa: K. Fujita Associates per Oriolo Studios
Anno: 1967

Episodi: 131

Canali: reti locali


Serie animata ideata negli USA e realizzata in Giappone (un caso assai raro, all'epoca).

Lo scienziato terrestre Johnny Cypher ha scoperto il segreto della dimensione Zero, che gli conferisce vari superpoteri - tra cui superforza e supervelocità - grazie ai quali è in grado di sconfiggere le varie minacce che provengono dallo spazio profondo e da reconditi mondi alieni, attraverso cui viaggia assieme alla bella Zena ed all'alieno Rhom.


Titoli episodi

    1.Attack from Out of Space
    2.Rhom, Super Criminal
    3.The Eye of Ramapoor
    4.The Menace of Maroo
    5.Menace of the Flying Saucer
    6.The Butronic Troublemaker
    7.The Case of Mr. Mist
    8.The Deafening Sound of Silence
    9.Shoot-Out in Space
  10.Ten Ton Diamond
  11.The Shockman of Shardu
  12.The Traitorous Dr. Flood
  13.Barclay's Bullet
  14.Invisible Fire Beam
  15.Liquefier Gun
  16.Seeds of Chaos
  17.Forget Ray of Egghead
  18.Johnny Cypher's Twin
  19.Ship of Captain Krool
  20.Zomar the Merciless
  21.Johnny versus Zena
  22.The Deadly Beams
  23.The Giant Robot
  24.Wild Animal Hunter
  25.Endless Zero
  26.Everything Falls Up
  27.Invisible Enemy
  28.The Space Party
  29.Johnny's Giant Friends
  30.The Doll Invaders
  31.The Interplanetary Olympiads
  32.The World of Lost Men
  33.The Crooked Radar Beam
  34.The Crystal Cage
  35.The Rescue of Robinson Cosmo
  36.The Runaway Rocket
  37.Snarl's Sinister Surprise
  38.Stolen Space Station
  39.The Gravity Belt Mystery
  40.The Mutant Monsters
  41.Song of Doom
  42.The Robot
  43.Zero Hour for Glenn City
  44.Zero vs. Nero
  45.Garloch Against the Universe
  46.Mister Mist
  47.Return of Frankenstein
  48.The 4 Armed Man
  49.Mad Magic of Eerin
  50.Mystery of the Missing Plots
  51.The Black Vapor
  52.The Dyre Moth
  53.8000 Degree Fahrenheit
  54.Multiplier Gun
  55.The Martian Plague
  56.The One-Inch Johnny Cypher
  57.Gothan the Terrible
  58.The Lost Planet
  59.The Thing from Sea
  60.The Torchmen
  61.Billion Dollar Robbery
  62.Invasion of the Shadowmen
  63.Mission to Jandor
  64.Monster of the Mists
  65.Race Against Time
  66.The Evil Eye
  67.The Wandering World
  68.The Red Forest
  69.Crisis on Volcos
  70.Rhom's Double
  71.The Stolen Satellite
  72.Tidal Wave of Terror
  73.Giganticus Serum
  74.The Abominable Snowman
  75.The Mysterious Signal
  76.The Tower of Majak
  77.Dangerous Games
  78.The Door of the Future
  79.The Menace from Mercury
  80.The Paper Perisher
  81.Space Vacuums
  82.The Man Duplicator
  83.The Saturian Triclops
  84.The Wild Blue Trap
  85.The Fear of the Year
  86.The Incredible Sponge Man
  87.The Mothmen
  88.The Planet of Little Men
  89.Mission Miraculous
  90.Nero's Revenge
  91.The Circus of Terror
  92.The Pet Collectors
  93.Space Pirates
  94.The Deadly Blossom
  95.The Elusive Space Monster
  96.Time Marches Back
  97.Descent Into Peril
  98.Magnetic Mayhem
  99.Rescue on the Moon
100.The Time Warp
101.Electronic Monsters
102.Planet of Gold
103.Space Prospectors
104.The Devil's Diamonds
105.Captain Nogo
106.Farewell Dr. Root
107.Peril From the Past
108.The Glass Giant
109.20,000 Dangers Under The Sea
110.An Element of Danger
111.Expedition to the Arctic
112.The Trap
113.Borgo's Beam
114.Terror in the Toy Shop
115.The Hidden Peril
116.The Man with the Golden Hands
117.Red Hot Planet
118.The Coreman
119.The Gigantic Garble
120.The Photo Spy
121.Mission of Mercy
122.The Quick Quake Maker
123.The Vularian
124.Too Many Johnnies
125.Mysterious Meteorites
126.Operation Freeze
127.Strangest World of All
128.The Haunted Plant
129.Evil Mr. ESP
130.No More Dimension Zero
131.The Invisible Beam