Titolo originale: Problem Child

Casa: Universal / D'Ocon Films Productions / Lacewood Productions
Anno: 1993

Episodi: 26

Canali: Italia 1


Serie animata che prende ispirazione dai film Piccola Peste e Piccola Peste torna a far danni.


Titoli episodi

  1.Toys Will Be Toys
  2.Junior and the Grammy Bombs
  3.Junior and the Jail Break
  4.Junior and the Babysitter
  5.Junior and the Z Guys
  6.Junior and the Dictator
  7.Junior's Doomsday Debacle
  8.Junior and the Clown
  9.Junior Dies Hard
10.Junior and the Camp
11.Governing Principal
12.Junior and the Science Fair
13.Grease My Palm
14.Junior and the Big House
15.Junior and the Big Kids
16.Junior Healy, Superstar
17.Junior Vanilli
18.Junior's Weird Olympics
19.My Fair Cyndi
20.Sawdust, Tinsel and Junior
21.Teacher of the Year
22.The Cyndi Kerrigan Story
23.The Legend of Big Bob Healy
24.The Wilderness Healys
25.Tiny Ben and Junior Healy
26.Junior and the Bathroom Door